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Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013


Basin 60x27x13

Basin 40x41x13

These are two variants of a wash hand basin. If you'd like to have something similar for your bathroom, go to IKEA and look for Lillangen. The first one measures 60x27x13cm, the other one 40x41x13cm.

Both are mainly made of boxes. The outer shape of the basin is a box with the dimensions as said before. Then, I made boxes with the size of the reservoir and tray (for the second basin) and cut them from the boxes created before. After that, extensively using the fillet feature in FreeCad, I gave the basins the soft ceramic-look. The sink overflow is a cylinder, also cut from the rest. The sink with it's beveled border is the only thing which is a bit more complex. You could for example first cut a flat cone (inverted, of course) from the basin's bottom to get the beveled border and then cut a cylinder to make a hole. I didn't have that idea, but instead made a part shaped like the hole including the bevel and then cut that one from the basin. To make that part, I used the Draft view in FreeCad and draw a half-profile of the part. Let me show you a screenshot:
Screenshot: half-profile of the sink
Then, I used the revolve function to make a part for the sink. The latest version of FreeCad has improved the revolve function, so that you can select an edge of the shape which you'd like to revolve as the revolve axis, which is very useful! After revolving, the part looks like this:
Screenshot: revolved sink part
The only thing which was left for me to finish the basins was then to use the revolved sink part and cut it from the basins bottom.

Last, I exported from FreeCad to an .obj file, imported that to SweetHome3D, set the color to white and glossy and exported again to .obj to get a clean file and a .mtl for it. The renderings on top of this post were also made using SweetHome3D (use the 3D-view settings to turn lights down a little when rendering only single objects, otherwise they'll get so bright that no contours are visible any more).

Here's what the basin looks in action:
Wash hands basin for a toilet along with other furniture (lighting is not perfect again - sorry...)
If you'd like to use these objects in your own project, for example in SweetHome3D, you can download them here.

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