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Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Glass Cube

Now here is something that looks pretty boring at first sight, but comes in quite handy for different uses. It's a cube made of glass. I must confess that I - again - copied the material from a .mtl file that came along with another object that contained glass. To be honest, I'm a bit unsatisfied with the material, because it is almost invisible on rendered images. That may be because it needs a little less transparency, or because the refraction might need enhancement - I don't know. Probably it would be a good idea to open it in Blender and experiment a little with the material properties. Unfortunately, I don't yet feel too confident with Blender, so I haven't tried enhancing the glass.

Saying that the material was copied from some other object's .mtl may already have given you a clue how to make such a cube of glass. It's pretty much the same procedure as for all the other objects I've showed you so far. Using SweetHome3D, I created a box. Then, I exported the box to a .obj file. After that, I used a text editor to copy the material definition and altered the .obj file to use the glass material for the box. That's it!

But: still wondering, what you could do with this? Well, the good thing is, that due to the box shape, it can be resized to glass sheets in whatever size one would need. I've used it, for example, as a filling for a guard rail (which I'm planning to show you in a later post). It could be used everywhere, where glass sheet is needed: frameless windows, coffee tables, parapet guards, aquariums, etc. I've also used a thin glass sheet on top of a box to generate interesting reflection effects from objects put on top. That's what I use as a presentation platform for images I'm rendering for this blog ;-)

If you ever need glass, you can download it here.

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